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Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Brown Questions

What acoustic guitar was used in the Highway Patrol video?

In Junior Brown's Highway Patrol music video, Junior's wife, the lovely Tanya Rae Brown is playing a 1960's Grammar acoustic guitar.

When is the new album coming out?

As soon as more information becomes available about a new album by Junior Brown, it will be posted on the homepage as well as in the discography section. Please just re-check the homepage once in awhile for news on new products / albums. Also if you sign up on the newsletter (which is also on the homepage) you will be notified as soon as its released.

Click HERE to sign up for Juniors newsletter.



Im a songwriter and would like to send Junior my song.

Thank you, but Junior isn't accepting any material right now.


Please sign up on Juniors newsletter at:


we will send out a mailing if this changes. Thanks!

How old is Junior Brown?

Jamieson "Junior" Brown was born on June 12th, 1952 and was born in Kirksville, Indiana.

Guit-Steel Questions

Where can I buy a Guit-Steel?

Junior Brown invented the Guit-Steel and has Michael Stevens, the world renown Luthier building them. 

Click here for more information on how to order your own custom made Guit-Steel.



Make sure to also check out photos from Michaels workshop and some existing custom built Guit-Steels. Click Here

What kind of guitar stand does Junior use?

Junior uses a guitar stand very similar to these type of stands for his Guit-Steel.


What tuning is the Guit-Steel in?

Junior's Guit-Steel is tuned as follows:

Steel Neck:    C13 tuning: G E C A G E C Bb, high to low.

Stratocaster Neck:    EADGBE (Standard Tuning)

How was the Guit-Steel invented?


In 1985, Junior invented his own guitar, one that combines the standard 6-string guitar and the steel guitar. He calls it the "guit-steel."
I was playing both the steel and guitar, switching back and forth a lot while I sang, and it was kind of awkward. But then I had this dream where they just kind of melted together. When I woke up, I thought 'You know, that thing would work!' They made double-neck guitars and double-neck steels,so why not one of each?
A call was made to guitar maker Michael Stevens, whose expertise made the dream a reality, and around 1985 the guit-steel was born. Last year Junior once again enlisted the services of Stevens to make a second guit-steel, a cherry-red axe affectionately nicknamed "Big Red."
When performing, Junior plays the guitar by standing behind it, while it rests on a small podium/music stand. The top neck on the guit-steel is a traditional 6-string guitar, while the lower neck is a full-size lap steel guitar for slide playing. Brown has two guit-steels for recording and live work. The original instrument, dubbed "Old Yeller", has as its standard 6-string guitar portion the neck and pickups from Brown's previous stage guitar, a Fender Bullet.
The second guit-steel, named "Big Red", has a neck laser-copied from the Bullet neck, but in addition to electric guitar pickups, both the standard and lap-steel necks use an identical Sho-Bud lap-steel pickup. There is a pocket in the upper bout of the guitar to hold the slide bar when it is not in use.

Media Interview / Press Requests

I'd like to interview Junior for TV, Radio or an article. How do I do this?


Please Fax your request on your letterhead to (918) 364-1144. Please include the following information:
Fax number
Voice number
FEDEX address
USPS mailing addresses
E-mail address
Additionally, if you are a Radio or Television station requesting an interview, also please include whether the interview will be live or taped. If live, the time frame for which you are requesting an interview, and if taped, when the interview is expected to be aired. It would be helpful to know if you broadcast on the Internet, so that we can make this information available to Junior's fans (include your web address when applicable).

Website Questions

What payment types can I use at Juniors General Store?

Junior Brown's General Store where you can buy cool merchandise like T-Shirts, Autographed CDs, Keychains and more accepts the following types of payment:


Visit Juniors General Store by clicking here

How do I send in photos / articles in the news about Junior?

Want to share your photos you took at a show with other fans?

Want to allow us to put on the website an article you wrote about Junior Brown?


To send in photos to be considered for inclusion in Junior's online photo album, you can email webmaster@JuniorBrown.com

For more information on how to contact Juniors webmaster, click here.


How do I sign up for Junior Browns newsletter?

Click HERE to sign up for Junior Brown's newsletter.

We do not spam, sell or rent your email address. We will send you emails about upcoming Junior Brown shows as well as new products / CDs when they are released as well as various other fan information. Thanks!


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