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If you have recently completed an interview with Junior Brown or have taken photos of him or Tanya Rae and the band at one of their shows and would allow us to use it on JuniorBrown.com then please contact me.

To send articles / photos / newspaper clippings / show posters, ticket stubs, please mail them to Junior's webmaster at:



c/o Matt Reine

P.O. Box 22462

Robbinsdale, MN 55422


or if they are photos, MP3 songs, i.e. digital media then please email them to matt   (at)  juniorbrown.com


*If you have taken a lot of photos and will allow us to use them in Junior's photo album, I would be happy to credit you on the album so people know who was the photographer. Please send me a link to download a .zip file of the photos or a link to your Flickr.com account so I can manually download the photos.*

Also please include your name or website if you wish to be credited for the photos. I will assume that you don't want credit for the materials if this is missing.


Thank You!

-Matt Reine

Webmaster for JuniorBrown.com

Email me:    matt   (at)  juniorbrown.com


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